Ride the Gold Rush with these 2 Stocks

FULL ARTICLE: https://midasletter.com/2020/07/ride-the-gold-rush-with-these-2-stocks

If you read my article yesterday explaining how Gold’s value is achieved, how the precious metal is correlated to the U.S. dollar and why the commodity is about to explode higher, you may have come to the same conclusions as Roger Scott in today’s video. (https://midasletter.com/2020/07/understanding-gold-and-why-its-going-to-explode-higher/)

The spot gold price is mere dollars away from an 8 year high of $1,800 per ounce and had the biggest quarterly rise in 4 years. As long as the COVID-19 cloud remains hovering around our heads – gold is looking like a very strong trade and investment option.

With that in mind, the Wealthpress Head Trader has found 2 stocks with technical charts to support a move to the upside.

Watch the full interview to find out which stocks are poised to ride the gold rush.

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