Social Media Marketing

Our Marketing Clients see a 300% increase in new customers within 2 months.
Stay ahead of your competition.
Get started for $100 down and $50 per week. 

All that we ask is that you post content on your favorite social sites related to your business at least 3 times a week, we do the rest.

We start with the major social networks and use various methods to reach your customers. We do the all the keyword research, place all the ads for you and monitor your analytics.

Week 1:
We set up new social accounts or connect to the ones you already have. This is what we call the evaluation period, where it is determined what areas of your social sales funnel can be improved.

Week 2:
Then we accelerate the growth of your following, because a highly targeted following will increase your visitor engagement. At this point you will really start to see more likes, more comments, more click throughs to your website and more phone calls.

Week 3:
We review your analytics to find the areas where your social presentation can be improved. Analytics gives us the answers to many questions like, which types of posts do your customers prefer? And what types of ads are they responding to? This is where the whole process gets streamlined.

Week 4:
Now that we have figured out who your social media customers really are and what they like, we advertise to those types of people. Generating more and more activity and more sales for your business.

This advertising program is personally tailored for each individual business. It is not a cookie-cutter program. So far we have had a 100% success rate, because if your stats start to go down we make the adjustments to keep your customers coming week after week, and month after month.

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