9MM Folding AR with GLOCK Mags! Angstadt UDP-9 (AR9) Review

Published on September 8, 2018 by

More info on the Angstadt UDP-9 build here – https://llod.us/angstadt-udp9

An AR that shoots 9mm from Glock mags, eh? That’s what the Angstadt UDP-9 does. It isn’t the only AR to do so (there are a ton out there) but it is arguably one of the best. Commonly referred to as an AR9, these little AR weapon systems are compatible with a lot of your standard AR-15 components, but can typically be built into a much smaller package. I like Glocks, I like 9mm, I like ARs – so the Angstadt UDP-9 honestly makes a lot of sense.

*QUICK DISCLAIMER* No sites that sell guns were mentioned in the video or will be linked below, no prohibited items or accessories were displayed in the video or are linked below, all magazines (clips) are standard capacity. No modifications were made to the gun to increase rate of fire or anything silly like that. All YouTube’s guidelines have been followed and no policies broken.

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