How Trump’s Quantitative Easing (Money Printing) Affects You

Published on April 11, 2019 by

What would be the next move be in a full central bank pivot? QE4, let the free money flow.
Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. Is additional QE insanity or is it designed to force a global monetary reset?
If it is about forcing a monetary reset, could it make some sense to have on the Fed board, some members that understand what a savings-based money is?
One look at the BIS (Bank for International Settlements) Money Flower tells you why gold is most likely to shine once again. It is the only money accessible to you that is widely accepted in peer-to-peer transactions AND is out of the sphere of the central banks. It is the only real, tangible money. Since QE is really about devaluing money, wouldn’t it make sense to hold the kind of money that has proven to hold value for 5,000 years?

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