Levels of Consciousness – #rip #nipseyhussle

Published on April 5, 2019 by

Let’s see who’s really about that truth life…. now that the story is unfolding, security camera footage has been revealed, close friends have made public statements…. all the conscious, conspiracy theorists who jumped the gun & couldn’t wait a full 24 hrs before making predictions & assumptions… how many of you will publicly apologize to #nipseyhussle ‘s family. How many will admit you may have overreacted. How many will keep that SAME ENERGY as it’s revealed that this was some senseless street shhhh, same thing that happens in ghettos across this country everyday. It was a young man that looked like you…. who Nipsey dedicated his life to helping. Someone he knew. How many will take down those presumptive posts…. I’m watching, especially the ppl with major platforms. Toying with peoples emotions & misleading them for what? Being CALM & STILL in the midst of adversity is everything….. pay close attention. #zazaali #nipseyhussle

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