XRP shorts $43m Crazy! Why would you be selling best of breed technology on its lows?

Published on September 21, 2018 by

Why would you be selling XRP on its lows when it has all the goods?. Ripple is putting on more clients everywhere every day world wide and is earning heaps of revenue. XRP will be used globally and will be number one. There are so many crap cryptos out there that just don’t have the goods, bad technology subject to hacks and many technology faults and yet trade so much higher than XRP. In a regulated environment – Regulation is coming – Crypto’s will need to be compliant with .1 US Patriots Act, 2.the Anti money Laundry act 3. Know your client rules – every dealer has to know their client and report any suspicious dealings to the authorities no matter how small the funds 4. the IRS has incredible powers to get any information they want. 5. Non compliance can lead to exchange being closed down. In this world Privacy Cryptos are dead in the water. Why should Monero trade at over $108? -when was the last time you heard them put on a revenue based client to pay them revenue to keep their Technology best of breed. The fact is Privacy crypto’s and Cryptos with faulty technology should be sold – not Xrp. As i said XRP will be number 1. I said it a year and half ago and i am saying it again. Crypto’s with no revenue and utility should have no value plain and simple.

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